Transform your approach to developing your presentation and training content and slides so you can achieve outstanding results – easier.

“Bar none, this is the best presentation course I’ve ever taken.

Every time I completed a section, I thought to myself this is really the most practical, authoritative resource for presentation slide design that I’ve ever seen.”

– Shane Purnell, Platform Giant

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Want to take your training & presentations to the next level so your members shower you with rave reviews (and more registrations)?


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It’s NOT about speaking in front of your audience – you’re already good at that.

It’s NOT about mastering every function of the software – you don’t need to.

It IS about TRANSFORMING YOUR APPROACH to designing your content and your slides to better:

  • Support your purpose

  • Keep the audience engaged

  • Facilitate learning

  • Save you time and stress

That’s a huge gain for a small adjustment! And I've seen, first hand, IT WORKS! 

What is it?

This is NOT a teaser course. It is a complete package with all you need.

After completing this convenient, self-paced course, you or your staff will be equipped to develop more effective content, design more engaging slides, and prepare for a more confident delivery.

It only takes about five hours to complete, but it is transformative! You'll learn all the vital concepts, best practices, and principles, and you'll also take away a proven, time-saving, and step-by-step system for preparing effective and engaging presentations with slides. And the course is presented with PowerPoint slides, modeling the principles taught in the course.

This is not a technical course about slide software - you already know enough. It is, instead, a program designed to help you take any software you're familiar with and harness it for its true purpose – to support you when you present.

But more than that, it’s about making the process of creating an outstanding presentation much easier.

It can be a breeze!

Whether you are:

  • Delivering the keynote at your conference
  • Presenting at a break-out session
  • Preparing instructor-led training programs
  • Facilitating a training webinar

…doing an outstanding job has unlimited value!

This course will provide you with the power!

Here is just some of what you’ll get:
  • 4+ hours of information packed videos
  • A checklist of 21 common mistakes to avoid
  • The # 1 reason for the wrong types of slides, and how to avoid it
  • 14 key considerations that will help you finally “get it”
  • 7 principles that will make slide design intuitive
  • Basic design principles that can easily improve your slides
  • A menu of 11 essential slide styles to make things easy
  • The Breezentations™ System! A simple, step-by-step process for easily:
    • Creating powerful content
    • Designing powerful slides
    • Practicing for a powerful delivery
  • Lifetime access to the entire program
  • A workbook, templates, checklists and other valuable job-aids
  • And much more!
 NOW ONLY $197!
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Course Agenda
The Course is broken up into 3 parts and includes 6 chapters.


We'll begin by taking a look at our current situation
to learn what doesn't work, and why.


Chapter 1 - Power through Prevention

You have to know what’s wrong before you can avoid it

  • Recognize the types of slides that are ineffective and even damaging to a presentation
  • Learn 21 common mistakes you can easily avoid
  • Discover the number one reason people create the wrong types of slides
  • Get crystal clear on the right purpose for your slides

Chapter 2 - Power through Perspective

Using the Golden Rule to understand what’s wrong

  • Explore 14 key considerations that transform the way you approach slide design
  • Discover 7 characteristics of your audience you’ll need to know in order to keep their attention
  • Communication concepts that will allow you to better connect with your audience and help them get your point
  • Learn 5 concepts that ensure your message sticks so you can have the influence you want



Next, we will distill what we learn in Part One to reveal principles
that will get us pointed in the right direction.


Chapter 3 - Power through Principles

Developing your intuition for exceptional slide design

  • Reveal 7 powerful principles that point you in the right direction every time
  • Ensure your slides support you and don't sabotage you
  • Learn how to simplify your slides the right way
  • Discover a simple strategy for making any topic more interesting
  • Gain expert strategies to keep your audience engaged from beginning to end.
  • Tips to make sure your audience doesn't get lost, lose interest, and tune out

Chapter 4 - Power through Picasso

You don't have to be an artist to harness simple design concepts to enhance your slides

  • Identify 5 basic design principles that can take your slides to the next level
  • Master the use of your ingredients for more effective communication
  • Maximize your impact through composition basics
  • Understand the proper use of fonts
  • Learn how to effectively incorporate images into your slides



To finish, we'll put it all together to make "putting
power in your point" a breeze, featuring the Breezentations™ System!


Chapter 5 - Power through Practice

Applying the principles to your slide design

  • Use troubleshooting skills to ensure your slides are exceptional
  • Recognize before and after enhancements by utilizing the principles
  • Identify 11 slide style that make your presentations more effective and easier to prepare
  • Discover slide style recipes that help you achieve different presentation objectives

Chapter 6 - Power through Process

Creating a method to the madness for great results - The Breezentations™ System

In the system, you'll learn:

  • 5 easy steps to developing outstanding content
  • Techniques to pinpoint your true objectives every time
  • A foolproof way to structure your presentation so it has maximum impact
  • 5 easy steps to creating outstanding presentation slides
  • Time-saving strategies to plan more effectively and efficiently
  • 5 easy steps for practicing the right way, which will reduce anxiety and ensure an exceptional delivery

Ready to finally put Power in your Point?

If you’re ready to become a more effective presenter, save time, and gain the feeling of confidence that comes from knowing that you know what you’re doing, you will absolutely love this course!

What will you investment for a lifetime of the power to influence? Only $197! What's the value? The sky's the limit!


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