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Welcome to Breezentations!

Hello, I’m Nick, the founder of Breezentations. I know the struggle of trying to make a transformative impact to an organization's training and presentation design. I spent years researching the best practices for how to create presentations and training supported by slides so that I could enhance our learning products, then train the trainers. After years of trail and error and success, I have developed and fine-tuned a system that makes outstanding results for me and my clients, easier!

What is Breezentations?

Breezentations is all about helping people make presentations a breeze (presentations + breeze = Breezentations).

Why is it here?

Breezentations is here for two reasons, two strong beliefs I have:

1. Presentation skills are really important!

They impact every facet of an organization and an individuals success. Improve them, improve everything else. If the world only hears from those who are skilled and confident enough to speak in public, then the world misses out on a lot of genius. Sure, presentation skills can be important to your career, grades, or sales. How well we present things matters; that's a fact. But what if more brilliant minds had the skills to present their thoughts, beliefs, and ideas effectively and weren't afraid to do it. I think the world could only be improved.

2. Presenting effectively with slides can be much easier!

If humans can figure out a way to actually walk on the moon, I believe developing the skill of preparing and delivering an effective presentation using PowerPoint or other slideware can be easier. With the right information, insights, processes, and systems, presenting can be a breeze. You just have to filter through and organize the key information in a usable way.

My inspiration? Information overload.
I was inspired to create this Breezentations as an oasis from the information overload that can happen when trying to learn something. I had a presentation to develop years ago, and I wanted it to be impressive. To make sure I was applying the best practices, I started researching the topic so I could feel confident my presentation was as good as the best. I got lost! Ever feel that way?

As you already know, there is no longer a shortage of information available on any topic. The challenge now is that there is too much information. While we could once suffer from naiveté from too little information, we can now suffer the same from information overload. Too much information can leave a person feeling frustrated, less confident, and lost.

And that’s the feeling that started my years-long journey to sift through, sort out, and distill the information on how to develop, design, and deliver a presentation that has power. After years of using and teaching what I learned, I have created this place to share it with you.

My goal?

Our goal is that Breezentations is the oasis from information overload for you, A PRACTICAL SOLUTION, so that everything about developing, designing, and delivering a presentation can be easier, less stressful, and more enjoyable.

I know, first hand, the power of transforming my approach to developing presentation and training content and slides. It impacts everything. It is sincerely one of the BEST ROIs I have ever seen. 

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