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5 Reasons Why Your Presenation Slides Really Matter

5 Reasons Why Your Presentation Slides Really Matter!

Read time: 4 min.  Have you ever seen a high level executive give a presentation to the entire company or conference audience using really bad (average) slides? Most people have either witnessed it or been guilty of it. Even though it

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The One Rule You Always Want to Follow!

Read time: 3½ min. I’ve been involved in helping others develop presentations for several years now. One thing I see over and over is the reluctance from presenters to follow one simple rule. One that would completely transform their presentation

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One of My Favorite PowerPoint Presentation Tips?

Read time: 3 min. Have you ever sat down at the computer to work on a slide presentation or anything else that takes complex planning, then hours later find yourself feeling frustrated, like you were spinning your wheels? Well, I’ve

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Want a Successful Presentation? Follow This Rule, Too!

Read time: 4 min.  In a previous article we talked about one rule presenters seem reluctant to follow; you can read that post here first. There is also a second vital rule I’ve seen presenters neglect over and over. It